Making it Easier for People to Tithe

If your church isn't currently offering online giving as an option, I would encourage you to do so. I just received a report from Dave Moore, our finance director, which shows the percentage of money coming in through online giving is increasingly sharply. Consider this:

In the past two years...

  • Our physical giving (cash or check in person) has increased 15%.
  • However, our online giving has increased 903%.
  • That has resulted in our overall giving increasing by 30%.
  • Two years ago, money given online amounted to 2% of total donations.
  • This year it had increased to 13% of total donations, and continues to rise each month.

One advantage to online giving is making it easy for your members to set up a regular giving cycle so they can stay consistent. Many people want to tithe--they just need a tool to help them do that.

Tim Stevens19 Comments