Eye-Fi, Transsexuals and a New Book

Catching up on blogs and other fun stuff, here are some highlights...

  • Tony Morgan announced that he is writing a new book here. (By the way, people ask me all the time if Tony and I are ever going to write again together. We have talked about it and both have that desire, but haven't yet found a topic or schedule that would work for both of us. Perhaps someday).
  • A cool new product called the Eye-Fi has been released. It is a 2-GB SD memory card with built-in wireless. Essentially, you never have to take it out of your camera. You walk into your house in range of your wireless network, and it begins downloading the newest pictures from your camera. No card reader. No USB card. It will even automatically upload those pictures to your favorite photo sharing (i.e. Shutterfly) or social networking  (i.e. Facebook) website.
  • I enjoyed catching up on my daughter's view of our trip. It's amazing what you can learn if you listen to your kids talking to other people.
  • Corey announced his favorite TV shows of 2007. What does it mean that those are also my favorites? Uh oh.
  • DC Curry reprinted this very insightful list of Ten Things You Need to Know About Consumers.
  • Lots of comments on my blog post, The Bible Isn't Enough. Also some talk in the blogosphere including here and here.
  • Bobby Gruenewald talks about reconnecting with a friend who is now a transsexual.
  • My friend, John Jackson from Nevada, is going through a painful time and talks about it here.
  • Love this concept of using your cell phone as a boarding pass!
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