Training More Pastors -- This Time in India

I leave on Sunday morning for India to train pastors in Tamil Nadu. There are several reasons I'm excited about this trip...

  • I'm taking my 14-year old daughter, Heather. She's been begging to go for more than five years. She's ready now. I'm praying it will be a life-changing experience for her. Follower her blog here.
  • I get to spend time with Rob. We do ministry side-by-side, but there's nothing like 17-hours on a plane together.
  • As I reported a few months ago, we've seen 64 new churches planted and more than 69,000 people make a decision to follow Christ since we began training pastors in India. Those numbers are staggering. I get to spend time with Raj, our Director, and seven of the best and brightest pastors in two-days of intensive training.

And, it's going to be warm -- in the upper 80's. As I look out my window at 4" of snow on the ground, thinking about the high 80's makes me smile.

Tim StevensComment