Hometown Discipleship Making

I've been friends with Lewie Clark for more than 20 years now (we actually met when I was 17 and he was 27). Lewie is discipling men in Chicago and had a great post today about home-based discipleship. Some highlights...

  • "It is important to understand that Jesus did not remove the disciples from their family, friends, neighbors and community to become his followers. In actuality they were made followers of Jesus in the midst of the community in which they lived."
  • "Jesus was a real person, who lived in a real time and in a real place who came on earth to demonstrate for us how to make disciples in the context of our family, friends, and our hometown."
  • "There is a significance in the geographical location in which the Holy Spirit places me to make followers of Jesus."

Be sure to visit Lewie's blog for the entire article.

Tim Stevens2 Comments