Gadgets I'm Thinking About...

It's no secret, I'm a gadget guy. I think our tech and IT guys are grateful about that, since I'm quick to approve any technological advancement that will help us accomplish our mission.

On a personal level, I'm a pretty early adopter. I spent $795 on an early single-disc DVD player when there were less than 20 movies available on DVD. I bought my Samsung DLP high definition TV five years ago when the only HD channel available was Discovery HD.

And, as you know, I bought an early release of the infamous Chumby (which my buddies at Granger incorrectly call a "Chubby").

Here's what I'm looking at next...

  • Amazon's Kindle Book reader -- I've been looking at the Sony version for a few years, but there are several reasons I think I might make the jump into electronic reading with Amazon's version. In his recent blog post, Guy Kawasaki outlined some great reasons to choose the Kindle.
  • Microsoft Zune (2nd generation) -- For a number of reasons, I've been thinking about abandoning my iPod. My music listening style lends itself more to a subscription based system (paying a monthly fee to access 3 million songs) rather than a purchase-based system. Also, the seamless connection between Vista, XBox 360, and Zune would be very advantageous to me.

Any advice?

Tim Stevens6 Comments