Deep Thoughts on Going Deep UPDATE

This post below has generated a bunch of comments so I thought I'd bring it to the top again. I loved what I read on Dave Ferguson's blog on Friday on this topic--they are in a series right now teaching their people the real meaning of spiritual maturity. He offers the following definitions:

  • Spiritual Infancy = Getting fed.
  • Spiritual Adolescence = Feeding yourself.
  • Spiritual Adulthood = Feeding others.

What do you think? Read through the comments below and weigh in.


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I've heard it many times in my 13 years at Granger -- "I need to find another church because I'm just not getting fed. I want to go deep..."

Evidently we're not the only ones that hear that. I read some great words from some very fine leaders on this recently...

  • Steven Furtick says: "Churches are filled with those who have known Christ for decades, and still need a bib, a high chair, and want Daddy to do 'open wide, here comes the airplane' tricks with the fork before shoving it into their mouths.

    I try to serve up the Word, hot and fresh every single Sunday. But if you refuse to apply it, study your Bible and pray some during the week, join a small group and dig deeper with others…if you refuse to bring it back to your mouth, I can’t help you.

    Get your own fork, and learn to feed yourself.  Stop burying your hand in the dish and spitting out every thing that doesn’t give you a spiritual sugar high. Eat some vegetables.  Serve.  Pray.  Practically apply the Bible to your life."   Read more here.

  • Perry Noble says: "I’ve heard it…you have too…'Christians' saying, 'I just want to be fed!' It blows my mind! This would be equal to you and I going to an all you can eat restaurant and crying because no one would bring us any food. Food is all around in this environment…but if the person is lazy and self centered, wanting to be waited on hand and foot, then they could possibly starve to death when food is merely a few feet away.

    "Today as Christians we have WAY more information than we could ever apply. However, I think many people use 'going deep' as an excuse as to not actually apply any of the knowledge they claim to be soaking up. I believe it breaks the heart of God when arrogant people claim intellectual superiority out of pride and stupidity rather than just seeking Jesus and trying to honor Him on a daily basis.

"In reading through the Scriptures I have found that Jesus’ strongest words of rebuke were for the 'deep,' the professional religious people of the day. If 'deep' is being a part of the group that knows tons about the Bible but missed Jesus–then I don’t want to be affiliated with them. Give me Jesus Christ, crucified, risen and who will one day return…not another Bible study on the weight of the Ark of the Covenant."   Read more here.

  • Ben Arment says: "I've always felt troubled by phrases such as 'I need to be fed' or 'I need meat' when referring to spiritual growth. And not just because they're usually meant to be critical of a pastor's content... but I could never see this thinking in Scripture. Paul uses 'feed' and 'meat' in terms of where he expects Christians to be in their maturity, but it's never used by people to demand something."   Read more here.
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