7 Mighty Men

We just finished up 11-hours of training with the church planters. Rob and I are meeting with the "super pastors." These are the most effective pastors among all of our church planters in Tamil Nadu. These seven men are shaking the country of India!

It was very humbling to be in their midst. I kept thinking how strange it is that they have traveled from around southern India to listen to two guys from a cornfield in America.


We heard the stories of five of these pastors today. You want to hear some mind-blowing stats? In the past three years, these five guys have...

  • Baptized 1,751 people (many more have become Christians, but to be baptized in this culture means being disowned by your family and rejected by your village).
  • Planted 40 additional churches.
  • Trained leaders in another 1,180 churches.

Tomorrow we have another long day. We'll be talking about relevancy in the culture and what that might mean in their context.

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