Visitor: "It's Gut Wrenching to the Core"

Alicia, a girl I've never met, visited Granger for the first time last week. It's fun to hear someone's unfiltered view of their first visit. Here is some of what she wrote on her blog...

"I went to a new church last Thursday night. It's a church that's actually received a lot of criticism. It's a seeker church and some people just don't like that. Others think they are just for show. The church has some very cutting edge ideas and actually reaches more lost people than any other church I've had the privilege to be apart of. Of course I had to find out for myself. Granger Community Church (GCC) has 5, yes 5, weekend services... 2 Saturday night and 3 Sunday morning. They also have a Thursday night service geared towards those that are desiring to go deeper. I decided to attend last Thursday night and see what all the fuss was about. I think I've just found my new church.

"It's high energy, it's loud, it's technologically minded and it's gut wrenching to the core. I felt like I was in the middle of a Passion concert during worship and that I was sitting on the hillside listening to Jesus speak during the message. For the first time since I moved here... I entered into the throne of worship and fell at his sweet feet. It was an incredibly moving service... far from the 'show' I had heard about this place. It was high action, it was loud... and it was spectacular. As tears streamed down my face, I thanked the Father for giving me exactly what I had asked for... to walk into a church and know this was where God wanted me..."

She wrote more. Check it out here.

Tim StevensComment