Two Steps Back, Two Steps Forward

Yesterday I spent just over 8 hours working on the book. I wish I could say I was writing the entire time, but I spent much of the day reading and researching and taking notes. I'm using Microsoft OneNote to compile my research for the book. So I'll read a book, circle quotes that will be helpful in my writing, then type them into a "tab" in OneNote. I also use the "screen clipping" tool in OneNote to save web links that I want to refer to later.

The proposal that I originally sent to publishers contained a chapter outline and two sample chapters already written. Yesterday I obliterated the outline, threw out one chapter, re-wrote the second and started on a third. It felt like I went backwards, but now I'm at a good place to continue.

Word Count through 10/14: 3,800 (just over 7% complete!)

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