Some People Give Jesus a Bad Name

This video proves once again why the watching world thinks Christians are weird. Just my opinion, but I think this politician should never be allowed to speak in public again.

In case you wonder whether anyone would actually take the opportunity to make fun of this guy and his alleged Christianity, here's how VH1's reporter Michelle Collins talked about the interview:

"The following clip from Fox 2 Missouri should prove one thing to you about certain government officials: That with the appropriate level of Jesus Love in your hearts, you can basically do whatever you please with your people’s tax money. You can also, pretty effectively, ward off curious journalists wondering where said money is. Here’s one thing we learned: People who have the love of Jesus in their hearts also have the look of Creeptown on their face. Speaking of which, I adore Jesus — who wants to take some cash out of the guv-till, hire a coupla’ prosties and do some 'worshipping'?"

Thanks Mr. Politician. We needed that.

Tim Stevens6 Comments