John Maxwell Changed My Life in 1993

Everytime John Maxwell doesn't matter what he's talking about, I can't help but be taken back 13 years to the first time I heard him. My life was changed in Anderson, Indiana in April of 1994 when I attended a 2-day pastors' conference led by John Maxwell. My world was shaken, and it ultimately led me to radically change careers and join the Granger team.

So it doesn't matter what he talks about or how much he cries, I think back to that life-changing day in 1993 as a 26-year old when he added value to my life. That was the topic of his talk today at Catalyst...

  • Intentionally add value to people every day.
  • The greatest way to add value is to find your strength zone, stay focused on that, and add value to others.
  • The greatest sin of a leader is to put himself or herself first.
  • Don’t worry about the reaping. Just sow. Just help people. The return will come automatically.
  • You are either adding value to people—or you are subtracting value from people. There is no neutral ground.
  • Naturally we are subtractors, we are selfish, we are asking “what is in it for me?”
  • You can only add value to people if you value people.
  • Great leaders are first listeners, then learners, then leaders.
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