I Still Hold the Record

It's a little known secret that I still hold the record for running the mixing console at Granger longer than anyone else in our 21-year history. I began as a volunteer in 1993, and continued on the volunteer rotation even after coming on staff as a pastor. I "retired" from mixing after 11-years in 2004.

I was never the guy who knew much about how the equipment ran or the details of a compressor--but I loved the artistry of mixing sound.

Vista_8_2 So I'm pretty excited that our three new Studer Vista 8 digital sound consoles just arrived. One goes at front-of-house, one for the stage mix, and one in our newly constructed recording studio. Those of you who are techies know how much these cost and you are wetting your pants right now. But we didn't pay full price. We didn't even pay half price. Through a miracle of God, we were able to purchase these brand new consoles for a fraction of the normal price, so for that reason we are the ones wetting our pants.

I'm a huge believer in technology. The right technology can take all the distractions out of the way and make the communication of the gospel crystal clear. I can't wait to see what our tech teams can do with these!

Tim Stevens2 Comments