Going Down Memory Car Lane

I'm picking up a new car tomorrow, and it has made me remember all the cars I've had through the years. Each car brings back memories...

  1. 1975 Ford Mustang II -- a cheap car dad knew we could ding up and it wouldn't matter. I once got chased in this car by a bat-wielding maniac (who eventually smashed the windshield with said bat).
  2. 1979 Plymouth Horizon -- most my high school dates were picked up in this car. (Oh, and also dropped off at the end of the night).
  3. 1978 Ford Escort -- I have video of us driving to the hospital in this car to have our first baby 14.5 years ago.
  4. 1983 Ford Van -- it died and a guy paid me $50 to take it off my hands.
  5. 1985 Olds Delta 88 -- this car was huge and smooth.
  6. 1987 Dodge Shadow -- got in a bad hail storm soon after I bought it, but I didn't care. All the dimples gave it character.
  7. 1988 Plymouth Bonneville
  8. 1991 Chevy Lumina -- we used to put three car seats side-by-side in the back seat of this car.
  9. 1999 Honda Odyssey -- my first new vehicle and first minivan. Odyssey's were hard to get back then and I sold it two years later on Ebay for nearly as much as I paid for it.
  10. 2001 Honda Odyssey -- we still have this one. Has nearly 100k miles on it and we are keeping it until we are done with the minivan phase (Lord, let it come quickly).
  11. 2004 Nissan Murano -- Yes, it's for sale right now, if the price is right! It's been a tremendous vehicle for me and I will miss it.
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