Go See Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton, starring George Clooney, felt more like real-life than anything I’ve seen recently. It reminded me a little bit of television’s Friday Night Lights in the sense that it felt unscripted. The word I kept thinking as I watched the well-acted drama was “believable.” The story line was non-linear, which kept my focus, and I found the movie asking some significant questions…

How long would you do something you knew was wrong even if it was very lucrative?

What would you do for a family member who messed up but needed your help?

When we are under stress, why do we ignore the relationships that mean the most to us?

How long can you sell your soul for something less than what God made you to be?

This movie really explored the depths of hopelessness and angst that so many people experience in their everyday lives. I strongly recommend it.

Tim StevensComment