Fundamentalist Talks About Granger

When I first moved to town about 20 years ago, I visited an independent, fundamental, Bible-believing church called Grace Baptist, led by Dr. Charles Wood. At the time, they were in the Hyles Anderson or Bob Jones camp (for those of you not familiar, that's about as far right as you can get).

In the last 20 years, that church has changed drastically (including its' name). They are still very conservative, but I love hearing what God is doing in and through that church. I have a good friend from high school who married into the Wood family and is on staff with her husband at Grace Church.

Recently I found some words that Dr. Wood wrote about Granger that were so encouraging to me (especially remembering their history). Here is a portion of what he wrote...

"...Although I have reservations about the mega-church movement as a whole and about some particular churches of that genre in particular, I also have some personal first-hand observations that I think are interesting and revealing.  There is a major mega-church near our church.  Granger Community Church is a Willow Creek spin-off that operates much like Saddleback.  Several people that I could not reach for Christ for one reason or another have now found the Lord through that church.  When I run into them, I am always warmly greeted, and I find that all they want to talk about is the Lord and what He is doing in their lives and in the life of their church.  I also run into former members of our church who have left us because of our 'liberalism.'  They are also usually very courteous, but I find it almost impossible to engage them in any meaningful conversation about spiritual things that lasts more than two or three minutes.  Asked about what God is doing in their lives of the life of their current church, they often respond with a blank look as if I had just spoken to them in Chinese.  Maybe some of the time we spend criticizing the mega-churches for their 'John 3:16 only' approach and their 'shallowness' could be better invested in trying to win people to Christ..."

Read the rest of his article here.

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