Feeling Grateful Today

Perhaps I'm getting all emotional since I've been holed up all alone for the past three days, but this morning I woke up feeling very grateful for several people in my life...

  1. Faith, my wife, has sacrificially allowed me to take this week away to write. Even though it means alot of extra work on her part, not once has she complained.
  2. I'm grateful to Mark Beeson who is my boss and partner in ministry. Even though he has never published a book, he thinks it is crucial that I take the time to work on this project. Not only did he say "yes" when I asked for the time, he said, "You must take the time. It will serve Granger and the Church everywhere for these words to get out of your head and onto paper."
  3. My team carries an extra load when I'm away. They know I'm writing and they believe in the project, but it still means that there are times I'm not available. So a big thanks to Waltz, Butch, Rob, Kem, Jami, Dave, Melanie, Georgia, Theresa, Adam and others (who are now feeling hurt that I didn't mention their names...I'm sorry!) who are making decisions and handling situations that I would normally be involved in. The real truth is there are probably a few of them who get more stuff done when I'm away and look forward to the chance to get caught up, but they are smart enough not to tell me that!

Okay, enough of that. Back to work!

Tim Stevens3 Comments