Daytona Beach By the Numbers's hard to believe my week is over. I was pretty nervous not knowing how well this week would work for me, but I'm coming home very pleased.

Thought you might want to see some vital statistics for the week (and some others that are just plain fun)...

  • Hours Actually Writing: 48
  • Average Hours Writing Per day: 8+
  • # of Words Written So Far: 19,300
  • % of book completed: Around 40%
  • $ spent on all food (including groceries, meals out, snacks): $95.78 (Break it down baby, that's only $15.96 per day or $4.78 per meal. And I probably still gained weight!)
  • Average daytime temperature: 87 degrees
  • Average nightime temperature: Low 70's (brrrrr!)
  • Number of Motorcycles in Daytona Beach with me this week: 75,000+ for Biketoberfest.
  • # of Attractive Women on Motorcycles in Daytona Beach: Zero
  • My Room # at Ocean Walk Resort: 806
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