Day 2 of Catalyst Begins Soon

Enjoyed seeing tons of friends yesterday from the blog world and beyond, including...

  • Mark Batterson and team eating across from us at Moe's.
  • Scott McClellan and crew at the Collide Magazine booth. Go by their booth and subscribe and you get a free t-shirt (great color choices).
  • Rusty Hutson from Cornerstone UMC in Auburn, Alabama. He was at Innovate last week. He encouraged me by saying, "I love Catalyst, it's very inspirational, but at Innovate we come away with stuff that we can immediately plug in the next day."
  • Scott Hodge drove by and hollered at me from a very cool Mustang.
  • I met Mich Irion, President of I was very impressed and think I'll be calling him again in the next few weeks when I dive into writing the new book. This company provides movie clips of current (or coming) movies to use in your services. The normal-rez ones are free to use, and you can pay a fee to get high-rez versions.

I heard a rumor that Perry Noble, Tony Morgan and Terry Storch are all in the building, but haven't ran into them yet. Perhaps today.

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