Dave Ramsey Fires Up the Catalyst Crowd

I like Dave Ramsey. He holds nothing back in helping people with their finances. He shoots straight. Some notes from his Catalyst talk...

  • A "steward" is a manager of someone's stuff.
  • We are stewards. We manage stuff for God. It's all his.
  • We don't own anything. It's not my money, I'm just a manager. It's not my energy, I'm just a manager. It's not my wife, my church, my future, my anything--I'm just a manager.
  • Maybe if the people of God didn't have any payments, kingdom of God would open up.
  • Only 2.3% of people tithe. Why? Because we don't love Jesus? Nope, because we're broke.
  • 70% of people live paycheck to paycheck.
  • Prosperity is having the money to do God's will in your life.
  • When there is no margin in your life, you will find yourself in deep trouble.
  • A pastor told Dave, "In 42-years, I've never had a tithing couple get divorced." I think it's because givers are less selfish, they are easier to live with.
  • Five great points
    • Have a Plan.
    • Get out of Debt.
    • Act your Wage. If you spend everything you make, you're a fool.
    • Save and Invest. Rainy days will come. 78% will have a major financial crisis in your life.
    • Give.
  • What could the people of God do for the kingdom of God if they were debt free?

This area on managing money is a personal hot-button for me. I wrote about it last year here.

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