And the Winner Is...

Y'all must be bored. I've had more comments this week than in the history of my blog. 89 of you chimed in with votes, and it was amazing how quickly some of you narrowed in on my location.

After several of you began calling the front desk to find my exact room number, I began wearing a long blonde wig anytime I left my room. I wasn't sure why I brought it with me, but it came in handy.

Yes, I'm at the Ocean Walk Resort in Daytona Beach, Florida. Honorable mention goes to 14 of you for guessing the right hotel.

It took some calculations to figure out which of you ended up being the most precise. But the final award goes to Mark Burleson. On his first guess (just 5 hours after I posted the first picture), he not only guessed the right hotel--but accurately guessed that I was somewhere on the 7th to 9th floor.

After that, Larry Boatright guessed the 9th floor with a south view, Jim Henry guessed the 7th floor, and Terry Johnson guessed the 7th floor room 59.

I'm actually on the 8th floor with an east view, toward the north end of the south tower.

Mark Burleson sealed his victory when he presented the exact longitude/latitude coordinates which landed precisely above my location in the south tower. Since he'd already specified the floor range--that landed him the winning guess.

What room exactly am I in? Well, I'd tell you, but you might call me. And I have to keep writing--only a few more hours left of focus.

Congratulations to Mark Burleson. You'll have a book coming in mid-2008. And thanks everyone else for playing! You can all have a book also...but you get to pay for yours!

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