Troy Gramling

Troy Gramling leads Flamingo Road Church from the Miami, Florida area. They are currently doing the MyNakedPastor series and he brings his story to Innovate for the Friday afternoon session.

  • Traditional ears hear everyone. Innovative ears limit who they listen to.
    • Troy listens to the people who 1) Believe in me, or 2) They love me, or 3) They have more wisdom than me.
    • If you don't limit who you listen to, you aren't going to hear anyone.
  • Traditional eyes broaden your perspective and narrow their influence. Innovative eyes narrow our focus and broaden our influence.
    • Protect the vision. Produce the product. Push out the values.
  • Traditional hands do stuff today. Innovative hands are executing for tomorrow.
    • Todays numbers are from yesterday's execution.
    • John Wooden: "You can use great men to establish a great basketball team, or you can use a great team to establish great men."
  • Traditional feet make the next step really big to prove we love God. Innovative feet make the next step as easy as possible because the end goal is that people love God.
    • Leverage today's energy for tomorrow. Use the emotion of a weekend service to motivate people to a next step.
    • Troy shared several awesome video clips of specific ways that they gave people next steps in their services.
  • Traditional brains think God blesses the method. Innovative brains know God blesses the person.

Way to go Troy!

Tim StevensComment