Scott Hodge on Change

Scott Hodge pastors at The Orchard in Chicago and came to Innovate 07 to talk about change. Some notable quotes...

  • Scott is at an 80-year old church that five years ago was on the edge of extinction.
  • Scott's dad pastored the church from the time Scott was 5-years old, and found it ineffective at reaching people and became very discontent with the state of the church.
  • In this state of discontent, he invited Scott to the church to help turn things around four years ago.
  • We performed open heart surgery on our church with very little anesthesia.
  • We stopped doing the things we were doing that were leading us to be who we didn't want to be.
  • There were times when we knew this Sunday could be our last. It was bad.
  • It took over 3 years of pain before the corner turned.
  • In the midst of this, my dad died instantly of a major heart attack.
  • The last few years have been amazing. In three weeks we are launching our 3rd weekend service because we are just out of room.
  • There are two decisions we made early on that enabled our transition...
    • We must listen to God's voice.
    • We must courageously obey.
  • Sometimes we try to change by hanging on to what is old. It just doesn't work.
  • We hang onto the old because old is cheap. Doesn't cost us anything. The new costs. It costs friendships. It costs money. Change is expensive.

I'm so glad Scott shared today. He has a story that Granger doesn't have. He has seen a very traditional 80-year old church completely transform and become effective in today's world. I know his talk connected with hundreds of pastors.

Tim StevensComment