Rob Wegner on Transferring Communication

Rob Wegner launched the second day of Innovate 07 with a tremendous talk on communication.

  • People get thousands of messages every day.
  • How do we cut through the noise? How do we get our message to stick?
  • Our message only becomes catalytic when it sticks.
  • Rob showed the story of Deb Atkns who sat in the parking lot for a year before she ever came in the building. You can watch it again here.
  • Our message must be simple. Simple = finding the core.
  • Rob recommends Made to Stick by Chip & Dan Heath. He said it's one of the best books on communication he's ever read.
  • "Simple" is about choosing what to communicate. Ask, "Is this idea stick-worthy?"
  • We need to become "masters of exclusion."
  • All Scripture is equally inspired, but not all Scripture is equally important.
  • Make your message unexpected. Unexpected means being unexpected in a way that drives the point home.
  • Jesus wasn't boring and predictable but it seems like that's what alot of churches are experts at.
  • Rob showed a video clip from a message he taught last year communicating that what's inside comes out. Watch it again here.
  • Your message must be concrete. Can people test it out themselves?
  • A clip was played of Mark Beeson asking the people of Granger to tithe for one week. I blogged about it this summer here and here.
  • The old model was make a point, tell a story, make a point, tell a story. The new model is tell a story, tell another story, tell another story -- and by doing this you are making a point.
  • Without God, all of this is merely human efforts producing merely human results.
Tim StevensComment