Mark Beeson - That's Going to Leave a Mark

Mark Beeson started the second session of Innovate sitting at a coffee table, and through use of a pen and tablet, taught and illustrated his message. Some highlights...

  • If we were just walking on the beach, we wouldn't need innovation. But we are climbing a mountain together.
  • Sometimes you should trade efficiency for participation.
  • When people first come, you want to quickly let them participate in the vision, where they know they matter.
  • Your architecture communicates a message.
  • It's unbelievable how far removed we (those of us who have been in the church for awhile) can get from real life.
  • There are four places people interact: Public - Social - Personal - Intimate. People move from one to the next on their own accord. People take their own steps. Your facility and your programming can do much to determine how easily people will move deeper into relationships.
  • We aren't just asking people to add Jesus to their life--but to give their lives over to Him.
  • There is a tipping point that comes in everyone's life. You are standing today on the foundation you built yesterday. And will stand tomorrow on the foundation you are building today.
  • One of the strongest bonds you can get with someone is when you serve the poor together.

DVD's used in this session available to use at your church for $30 each...

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