Innovation is a Joke

As we get ready for Innovate 2007 next week, I enjoyed reading Why Innovation in the Church is a Joke on Ben Arment's blog. He writes...

My iPhone has opened pandora's box for me in the world of podcasting. It turns every car ride into a church service; every trip to the DMV into a conference session...

One thing I can't get over is how flippantly the Church throws around the world "innovation." Big difference between the innovation I'm hearing about in podcasts from the New Yorker conference and the TED talks... and what the church is calling innovation.

Innovation in the church has almost become formulaic.... "We have the greatest story in the world!" we cry, and then "innovatively" insert pop songs and cultural references into our services, proving that... well... look who's borrowing from who.

These days, innovation isn't recognized or rewarded in the Church until it's no longer innovation... it's commonplace. But true innovation will always leave the masses of men scratching their Selsun Blue, wondering, "Whaaa?" or "Can we really do that?" or "What's the connection?"

True innovation is completely unrecognizable while it's innovating.

I've never made a top 25 list of my favorite blogs, but if I did, would be on the list.

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