Guy Kawasaki on The Art of Innovation

Innovate 2007 was kicked off with strength by Guy Kawasaki. Some notable quotes...

  • I am a Christian, but not a Christian speaker. I rarely speak to this type of crowd.
  • The root of all great innovation is the desire to make meaning.
  • Make a mantra, not a mission statement. A mantra is two or three words long and explains why you exist. Example: Nike - "Authentic athletic performance"; Ebay - "Democratize commerce"
  • Don't aspire to do things 10 or 20% better. Figure out how to do things 10 or 20 times better.
  • True innovation happens when you jump curves, not when you stay on the same curve.
  • In whatever you create, ask your self if it is DICEE Is it D=Deep; I=Intelligent; C=Complete; E=Elegant; E=Emotive.
  • Don't be afraid of polarizing people. Some people will love what you do and some will hate it. It would be worse if no one cared about what you do.
  • If you don't upset a few people, you aren't doing your job.
  • Follow the 10/20/30 rule of PowerPoint (or KeyNote) presentations. Use 10 slides; Do it in 20 minutes; Use a 30 pt font. Or, figure out the oldest person in your audience, divide their age in half, and use a font that size.
  • The danger of success in one area is that you have a very difficult time accepting the next curve of success.
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