A Book in the Works

If you've been hanging around my blog for any time at all, you know I have a passion for leveraging pop culture in reaching people for Christ through the local church. It's also my favorite subject to teach about.

I've been working on a book outline and idea for more than a year, and earlier this month presented it to four different publishers. Having a great book idea isn't enough if a publisher won't get behind it. They really need to confirm that there is a market for the book. It was my prayer that one of these publishers would catch the vision and partner with me on this project.

Amazingly, all 4 publishers responded positively, and 3 of them  made an offer. I couldn't be happier! Now I have the task of praying, thinking, getting counsel, and deciding which publisher to work with. Oh, and also the small task of actually writing the book.

I would appreciate your prayers. It's not a "dollars and cents" decision for me. I really want a partner in the project who will work with me to help as many churches as possible through this book.

Tim Stevens4 Comments