Laser-Focused Missions

Rob Wegner and his team are doing some pretty innovative things with missions. One thing we do is target our resources. Without feeling guilty, we don't send money all over the world. That means we say "no" to alot of good causes and great people. Instead, we focus solely on area of one country -- Tamil Nadu in southern India.

And the results are astounding! Just got another report about Granger's ministry in India.

Since 2004...

  • We have trained 107,238 Indian believers. 79,429 completed the core classes.
  • 69,065 have made a decision to follow Christ.
  • 34,541 have been baptized.
  • 64 new churches have been planted.

Remember, this is in a country where it is offiically against the law to convert from Hinduism. And, your family will probably disown you if you do.

Tim Stevens5 Comments