I Know a Cover Model


His name is Mark Waltz, and his mug shot is on the cover of the current issue of Outreach Magazine. I've decided a few things since seeing this magazine cover...

  • If I looked that good with hair, I'd grow some.
  • PhotoShop is an amazing tool. Not really...he really is that good looking.
  • I'm keeping my copy to sell on Ebay someday.
  • It's not just his picture--the article is really good too.

When we brought Mark Waltz on the team in February 2000, we outlined in his job description the following: "Create an environment and system that is conducive for plugging new people into ministry." Wow, he has done that amazingly well. In fact, Mark outlined much of that in a book he published in 2005 called First Impressions: Creating Wow Experiences in Your Church.

I've long believed that Mark brings unique insight for every church to consider when it comes to connecting guests. I'm glad to see that being recognized in the Outreach article.

Pick up your copy or read portions of the article here.

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