I Have to Confess

Ever since I received a copy of Outreach magazine with Mark Waltz on the cover, I've been jealous. I know, it's a sin, but I've had many evil thoughts.

"Why aren't I on the cover of a magazine?"

"Why does he look so darn good?"

"With that little cute grin, he's probably thinking about how I will feel when I see the magazine!"

Then God spoke to me. (And yes, to all you Baptists out there, it was an audible voice). It actually came in the form of a phone call from the editor of Men's Health Magazine. They were putting together a special issue for which my name had been submitted. Somehow they got a hold of my picture, and once they saw my shiny bald head, the contest was over.

You wonder why I'm only half smiling in the cover shot. Well, part of me is feeling guilty for my jealousy. The other side is thinking how cute it is that 85,000 people received Waltz' cover shot while 1,004,300 will be receiving mine.

Or, you can think of my smile as a bar chart--up and to the right--with Waltz' stack of magazines on the left (the part that is barely discernible as a smile), and my stack of magazines on the far right (where the smile takes up most my face).

The good thing is my jealousy has completely gone away. It can only be explained as a deeply spiritual experience and healing by God. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

By the way, if you right click on the picture below, you'll have many options including "set as background" which will bring you joy every time you are at your computer.


Tim Stevens6 Comments