Collide Magazine Giving Away an iPhone

I've been pretty excited about the premier issue of Collide Magazine since I first began hearing about this new resource a few months ago. According to Scott McClellan, editor of Collide, the magazine will explore the use of media in all its forms to communicate spiritual truth and enhance the worship experience.

In the magazine they plan to explore...

  • Seeing God’s fingerprints in media
  • The roles of media and the Church in culture
  • Media resources that communicate Truth
  • The creative use of media and technology in ministry.

I'm excited because this is the stuff that gets my heart racing! I love seeing the church begin to embrace the collision of faith and culture.

Here are three reasons you might think about subscribing...

  1. They are giving away a free iPhone.
  2. It only costs $14.95 for a 1-year subscription.
  3. I will be writing a featured column in every issue of the magazine.
Tim StevensComment