Top 10 Posts from First Year

As we celebrate the 1-year anniversary of, here were my most popular posts, along with my commentary on why I think they were interesting to you...

#10  A Busy Week - outlining our schedule of workshops on the road in Kansas City and Ocala, Florida. Uh, perhaps you like watching others travel while you sit at home sipping your latte?

#9  Recent First Impressions -- I listed my experience with several products or brands including Sirius, Doubletree Hotels and Equifax. I think we all enjoy reading about someone else' pain with customer service. Relieves that lonely feeling.

#8  I Pity the Fool -- I first reported that someone was remotely taking over my computer, and then promised to castrate the individual who was responsible. Of course, later on we discovered that it was Mark Beeson unknowingly controlling my PC through his uber-powerful wireless mouse. (It should be reported that I chose not to follow through on my threat).

#7  Tim and Tony Discuss Transition -- I announced the recording of the final episode of the Simply Strategic Show when Tony and I discussed his departure from the promised land.

#6  A Book About Mavericks -- a review on the book Mavericks at Work. I actually hadn't even read it yet, but mentioned I just purchased it. Interesting.

#5  Q&A With Bill Hybels -- My report on a small group (40 pastors) meeting with Bill Hybels to ask any question we wanted. I reported on Willow's findings related to helping their congregation grow spiritually and "right-sizing" the expectations of the body. I found it very interesting and so I'm not surprised it was the #5 most popular post.

#4  This Isn't Indiana -- a picture of some of my peeps on the Granger senior management team sitting in Oceanside, California, for a time of learning and growing. This is interesting?

#3  Communication Ability Matters -- In this post, I questioned whether there are a lot of pastors who should give up teaching and focus on their strengths. This is another one that doesn't surprise me that it has been the third most read post.

#2  Full of Vision -- another report from our senior team retreat in California. This one included a picture of us beside a Hummer and I mentioned that we were more full of vision and excitement about the future than I could ever recall before.

And, the one post that received more clicks than any other during my first year of blogging...

#1  Extreme Surfing -- okay, I'll admit, I just don't get it. This is a picture of Butch Whitmire surfing in the Pacific Ocean when it was 25 degrees outside. Why was this the most viewed post? Was it seeing Butch in a wetsuit? That's hard to imagine. In order to drive my numbers up, perhaps I should enter a partnership with Butch to appear in various extreme sports photos. I'll check into that. 

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