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Just random stuff...

  • I got a weird error message and crash on Quicken 2006 last night, which I spent a couple of hours working on. But I'm not upset. Wanna know why? Because I've been using Quicken since 1991...that's right, 16 years...with no problems. They now have 15 million users, but I'm guessing I was in the first few thousand. In fact, I'll go ahead and brand myself an official Charter Quicken Member. And tonight, I'm going to happily plop down $60 to upgrade my version. (And, if that doesn't fix the problem, I'm going to start getting upset!).
  • A guy rear-ended me last week. Well, actually I was in my car at the time. Mark Waltz was also with me. The thing is, we knew it was going to happen. We watched this guy in our mirrors for about two miles weave and swerve, and kept saying, "Be ready, he's going to hit us." And he did. Watch out world--here are two pastors with the ability to predict the future.
  • The best ice cream in the world is Banana Bananza by Breyers. There was one store selling it in our area. They just stopped. I'm bummed. Perhaps the president of Breyers is reading this and will ship me a case.
  • This new car makes me salivate. Watch the video long enough to see the liquid crystal roof demonstrated. Who doesn't need that!
  • My friends who have the iPhone still can't get it to work seamlessly with our Exchange email server. Until they do, it's just a cool toy.
  • I have to get a physical tomorrow. Last time I went I was 35 years old. That one was memorable because no one told me about the prostate exam. It was quite surprising when the doctor was suddenly trying to reach my Adam's apple through my rectum. Or at least it felt that way. Now I know what to expect. And I'm not looking forward to it.
  • It rained tonight. First time in weeks. My grass is happy.

That's all.

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