Official Hug Report

Ever since my question about how I should greet Tony Morgan...several have asked how it all turned out. More than one of you suggested that I go the biblical route and give him a holy kiss.

Here's how it went down...I had settled in my mind to give him Option #4: Combined Handshake with Hug. But then when the anticipated moment actually happened, it was like the earth stood still and everything went in slow motion. Tony was coming down the aisle in the Union Station theater during the Buzz conference, and suddenly it was like I was viewing the Sound of Music scene on the hillside or the Elephant-top scene in Moulin Rouge. I got all disoriented and before I knew it Tony had initated Option #3: Full-Frontal Two-armed Hug.

Don't be concerned. It was all good. We were in a public location and I was told that since our bellies didn't touch and we didn't linger for more than 3 seconds that we didn't violate any pastor ethics. It was a warm and fuzzy moment and gave me the strength I needed to teach my session.

As far as I know, no one snapped a picture of the actual hug. But Kem was able to get this picture later just to prove we were actually in the same place together.


Tim Stevens4 Comments