Debunking the Megachurch Myth

Lillian Kwon of The Christian Post published an article called Megachurch All About 'Doing the Gospel' earlier today. They detailed the plans of Granger Community Church to make a difference in downtown South Bend. Some quotes...

  • "...just last December, GCC turned its 20th anniversary celebration into a community outreach campaign. Instead of throwing a churchwide celebration, the megachurch decided to celebrate by giving back to the community. Using its Christmas offerings, church volunteers launched 20 Days of Giving, pumping free gas, giving an extreme makeover to storage space at the Center for the Homeless in South Bend, giving food to 8,000 families, providing funds for families struggling to pay their rent and other community works that added up to a total of 20 gifts."
  • "Churches such as Granger debunks the megachurch myth that megachurches are insular and not caring for the community, as Scott Thumma and Dave Travis pointed out in their book Beyond Megachurch Myths. According to a 2005 megachurch survey by Thumma and Travis, 79 percent of these large churches had joined together with other churches on a local community service project. A 2000 survey revealed that 99 percent of megachurches supported programs for youth and teens; 95 percent supported counseling services or support groups; and 91 percent gave cash or vouchers to families or individuals."

You can read the entire article here.

Tim Stevens3 Comments