The Willow Arts Conference Wasn't Too Artsy

I really enjoyed my time at the Willow Creek Arts Conference. That surprised me...for a couple of reasons:

  1. I'm not a very touchy-feely, let's-all-take-our-shoes-off-and-touch-toes kind of guy. So the idea of a bunch of artists controlling the program with 7,000 artsy-types in the crowd had me a little apprehensive. I thought it might be 50-minutes of singing each session with time to tell your sins to the stranger in front of you. I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed every minute of it.
  2. Several years ago I thought Willow had lost their edge. They seemed to be stuck in the early 90's and satisfied to let Axis do the edgy stuff for the young adults. But in the past year or two...I've seen a total change at Willow. They seem to be leading in the arts again--and it is very encouraging to me.

Congratulations to Nancy Beach and Lori Finnegan and your teams at Willow Creek for pulling off a great conference!

Tim Stevens3 Comments