Podcast Episode 2 is Available

Kem Meyer and I recorded our second podcast episode in our Countdown to Innovate 2007. Some highlights from this episode...

  • We interview Scott Hodge and he tells the world that he thinks I look "ticked off" all the time. Well, actually that's not the original description he gave, but we were able to keep it family-friendly for the recording.
  • I actually am able to use the word "percolate" yet one more time in this episode.
  • Scott gives a preview of the story of the turnaround of his church.
  • We give away our first prizes to a couple of unsuspecting winners.
  • Kem and I give some examples of when we led change well, and when it didn't go so well.
  • We do some unbelievably hilarious (yet obnoxious) editing to correct the phone number that we recorded wrong.

Tune in here and let us know what you think.

Tim StevensComment