New Podcast Launches Today!


Today we are officially launching a brand new podcast hosted by Kem Meyer and me. It's called "Countdown 2 Innovate" and will feature new episodes every week between now and Innovate '07 at the end of September.

Some highlights from this very first episode...

  • We interview Guy Kawasaki. He says some great things about innovation, and also tells us why he's not going to buy the iPhone.
  • I use the word "percolate" not once, but twice. It sounds so natural in a sentence.
  • We talk about the way you can win fun prizes. It's either a Hummer or a T-Shirt. You'll have to listen to the show to find out which.
  • Guy talks about his faith and why he's coming to speak at a conference for church people.
  • If you listen closely, you'll hear Kem's cell phone ring during a very poignant moment in the interview.

Check it out now here. You'll find links to subscribe via iTunes or RSS.

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