My Session is Completed

I had fun teaching this morning at the Buzz Conference. There were a few technical difficulties, but we made it through everything and it was quite enjoyable.

I have a difficult time analyzing my own teaching, so here are some notes from others who attended (positive and negative) and have already blogged...

  • Kathy Guy, one of my cohorts from Granger, said some really nice things about the session, including: "As Tim shared stories and taught principles and reinforced them with multiple media examples of things created at GCC, pastors and church leaders from over 27 states responded with intense listening, laughter, and applause! There were times it was difficult to hear the media because of spontaneous cheering!" Of course, remember she is on the Granger payroll :). The rest of her comments are here.
  • Ryan Day from Ohio talked about the session here. He summarized:"Great info…Tim is not my favorite communicator. It was long and wondering, but got stuff."
  • Ben Arment who pastors in Reston, Virginia, said probably the nicest thing I've ever heard about my teaching:  "Tim Stevens of Granger Community Church just gave one of the most powerful talks on being missional that I've ever heard. I felt my heart being pierced over and over again with conviction... and the video illustrations he used from Granger drove his points into proof positive." I'm humbled by his comments. The rest of his notes are here.
  • Ken Witcher from Paris (yes, France) took notes on the session and posts them here.
  • Mark Batterson, the head dude over the Buzz Conference, summarized the day here and said: "Tim Stevens from Granger Community Church brought the heat talking about creating buzz. So inspired by Granger's creativity and Tim's authenticity!"
  • David Foster from Nashville, Tennessee, has been a friend for several years. He lists his notes here and says: "Great job Tim, your presentation alone was worth the price of admission."

Now for a short night's sleep before two final sessions in the morning.

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