I'm Jazzed About the Next Three Weeks

I am jazzed about the stuff that's coming in the next few weeks--perhaps I'll run into you at one of these venues...

  • June 14 - I'm leading a breakout session during the Willow Creek Arts Conference next week along with Butch Whitmire. We'll be showing tons of video examples from recent weekends in what they are calling, "A Weekend at Granger."
  • June 22 -- Teaching at workshop at Granger on Service Planning and Series Strategy. This is a part of the WiredChurches.com workshop offerings, and participants come away with some very specific and practical help on planning weekend series--as well as getting a behind-the-scenes look at our process.
  • June 28 -- This is unbelievable to me, but I get to deliver a talk during the Buzz Conference along side of guys like Mark Batterson, Tony Morgan and Craig Groeschel. Man, I'm not even worthy to tie their shoes. In a Thursday morning general session, I'll be talking about what buzz is, how you generate it, and when you work on foundational issues first. I'll have several video examples from our PureSex series.
  • July 1 -- I'll be traveling to Chandler, Arizona (near Phoenix) to talk during the Sunday morning services at Cornerstone Church. I'll be sharing about Granger's PureSex series and helping the congregation get ready for their own version that starts a few weeks later.
  • July 2-3 -- I'm guessing I won't run into any of you these two days, but our senior management team will get away for a couple of days of planning and strategizing for the future.

Give me a shout out if our paths will be crossing.

Tim StevensComment