I'm 39-years old...

Yep, I'm 39-years old for a few more hours. June 13th is my official birthday and I turn the big 40 this year. Hasn't been too traumatic yet. I was thinking earlier this week of some of the things I've been able to experience in my short life thus far...

  • Born into a great family and still have close relationships with my extended family.
  • Heard live speeches from three different presidents (Reagan, Clinton, GW Bush).
  • Gained huge experience with Life Action and ministered in more than 750 churches.
  • Visited 49 states and several foreign countries including China, India, Albania, Slovakia and Arkansas.
  • Met a great woman and had four great kids.
  • Wrote and published three books with a dear friend.
  • Experienced great strides in technology including the microwave oven, personal computer, email, cell phone and low-rise jeans.
  • Been able to personally meet some great Christians of our day including Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, Andy Stanley, Ed Young Jr., Chuck Colson and Bob the Tomato.
  • Privileged to be a part of one of the greatest churches in America from the time we had just a few hundred gathering in a rented movie theater.

That's just a short list of things that immediately pop into my mind. I have truly been blessed. If you don't agree, at least give me points for using "truly" and "blessed" in the same sentence.

The next time I blog--I'll be a 40-year old.

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