Heading to Buzz

I've been looking forward to going to the Buzz Conference for over a year, and we leave today! Not only do I get to talk during a Thursday morning session...I also get to meet some cool people.

A few conversations I'm looking forward to having...

  • Hoping to chat for a few minutes with Craig Groeschel whom I've never met. It's very weird to be sharing the platform with him--I'm definitely not worthy.
  • Warren Bird from the Leadership Network will be there--and we're having lunch on Thursday.
  • I've been following the blog of Ben Arment for several months, and looking forward to meeting him.
  • Scott McClellan is starting a magazine called Collide that is about the intersection of faith and culture (a huge passion area of mine). We're planning to connect.
  • Tony Morgan is doing a session on blogging on Friday morning, and his beautiful wife Emily will be there with him. Looking forward to seeing them both. Still thinking about how to greet Tony.
  • Looking forward to saying hi to Dave Scott who is an old friend from Granger and starting a church in Mooresville, NC.

And of course, can't wait to connect again with Mark Batterson, Juliet Main, Dave Clark and some of the other National Community Church team. They are the best.

Tim Stevens3 Comments