Great Week at Willow

Butch, Kem and I had a fun time teaching last week at Willow. Some comments by others about our sessions:

  • Josh Treece comments on Kem's blogging session and the "Weekend at Granger" session. "Granger is revolutionizing what it looks like to use technology and creativity in a weekend service setting..."
  • Jim Henry talks here about his time one-on-one with Butch Whitmire: "...Alot of what we do on Sunday's in regards to the visual arts is influenced by the work Butch and his team do at Granger. These guys are on the front lines of visual media use in Church today..."
  • Kevin Stone loved Kem's session and writes here: "She did an excellent job of providing very useful information about blogging for everyone, whether beginner or having been a blogger for a while..."
  • Terry Storch said he read my blog and was honored that Kem mentioned his book in her session. I was just honored that Terry Storch reads my blog.
Tim StevensComment