Film Festival at Willow Creek Arts Conference

Lori Finnegan began the Film Festival by saying they copied the idea from Granger's film festival. However, the truth is that we copied the idea from the Buzz Film Festival that took place for the first time in May 2006.

I'm hopeful this is a trend. I think the church has so much to offer in creativity through film making. I don't think we've even begun to scratch the surface. I would love to see more and more churches and conferences attract the best of the best--which will only stimulate creativity in more artists to be more imaginative in communicating truths for life change.

We watched more than 30 videos tonight from 15 churches. Some were funny-0thers emotional; some were very simple--others were highly complex. All were used by these churches to help people take steps in their faith. It was fun to see this video submitted by my peeps at Granger win 1st place in one of the categories.

Willow Creek is planning to publish the list of all the videos shown tonight with links to the churches that submitted them.

Tim Stevens2 Comments