Donald Miller on Truth and Meaning

  • Donald is encouraged by the awakening to the arts by the church.
  • He went on a "greek orthodox pilgrimage" a few years ago with friends. [I don't know that I'll ever be that deep].
  • Study the Trinity…then study the three parts of the brain—and it will amaze you and give you new insight into how we are made in God's image.
  • We don't like mystery. We like to come to conclusions rationally.
  • In a relational context, we don't make decisions very rationally. Truth and meaning go together.
  • Chesterton: "It's the mathematician who goes mad, not the poet." The mathematician is trying to get heaven into his head. The poet is trying to get his head into heaven.
  • We tend to look through Scripture looking for the bullet points rather than reading it holistically.
  • Donald spent about 30 minutes making an analogy between Romeo and Juliet and the gospel. He says that it took an artist (Shakespeare) to explain the gospel in a very violent time.
  • Final words: We cannot communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ without you…the artists.
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