Announcing Guest Speakers for Innovate 2007

Previously Announced...

  • Guy Kawasaki - we announced that Guy would be coming last December here. You don't want to miss his session!
  • Scott Hodge - last week Kem announced here that the guy who has been involved in an amazing church turn-around story would be joining us this year.

New announcements...

  • Troy Gramling - He's the pastor at Flamingo Road Church near Miami, and he'll be joining us to tell their story. I'll give you a little taste: They had 2500 more people last weekend than just one year ago. They are exploring new sides of innovation through television, multi-site and web interaction with their community, and I can't wait to hear more of his story.
  • Dave Ferguson -- As I mentioned a few months ago here, I really enjoyed getting to know Dave Ferguson in a roundtable I attended in April. Dave started Community Christian Church in Naperville just outside of Chicago, and he's been blazing the trails of innovation for the past several years. Just a couple of months ago he published The Big Idea, and he's coming to Innovate '07 to lead a breakout session on focusing your weekend message with one core idea.

Don't miss Innovate on September 27-28, 2007.

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