$100,000 Gift from City of South Bend

A city gave money to a church? Yes and No.

Several years ago we began to focus on our local outreach efforts into one urban neighborhood in South Bend where the average annual income is $7,300 per family. Rather than do a little bit in a lot of places...we said, "What if we could focus like a laser in one part of the city and see hundreds of families radically changed and lifted from the cycle of poverty?"

In order to make it possible for other organizations to join in the work, we set up a separate 501(c)3 organization called EnterMission and began the purchase and renovation of some buildings into a Community Center. As the attached press release says,

"By this fall, the community center will include The Crossings Alternative High School, after-school tutoring and mentoring, GED classes and life-skills training, the Coffee House Connection Cafe, and a Health & Wellness Referral Center. When fully completed by spring 2008, the center will feature an Arts & Vocational Training Center."

I'm excited about this project and it's potential to rock this city. I'm excited about the leadership of Rob Wegner, and the tireless work of volunteers like Dan Blacketor, Mark Scott and hundreds of others who have given hundreds of hours to the project.

Press Release from the Mayor of South Bend: Download MonroeCircle2007May29.pdf

Interested in learning more? Attend Innovate 2007 where Rob Wegner will be discussing Granger's innovative missions strategy during a breakout session.

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