Session 3 with Shauna Neiquist

As the Daybreak conference continued, we were privileged to hear Shauna Neiquiest talk about creativity. She is a young woman who is a great writer and articulate speaker. I really enjoyed her session. Here are some quotes I wrote down...

·         I believed the myth that creativity can’t be scheduled.

·         Creativity begins way before you open your computer to the blank screen.

·         The ability to be creativity has everything to do with the daily life that you are living. There are ways to create space in life to give good soil for imagination to grow.

·         I’ve always heard that we are supposed to feel creative in nature. That doesn’t work for me. I needed to let myself off the hook and be honest about the things that make me feel alive and creative. For me, I feel more creative in cities. (Tim’s note – me too!)

·         In order to make space for creativity in writing, I had to make space. I gave up TV for three months.

·         My mom said, “If I could do life over, I would write a little more and do the dishes a little less.”

·         The choices that we make in our daily lives are not just about us…it has an impact on our creativity which in turn impacts how well people will be reached.

·         Do something creative every day. Everyone has something to say.

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