Floating Around in my Head

Random stuff in my head...

  • In two weeks we'll conduct our third all-church survey in the past 15-months. More later.
  • Next week I'll be faith-less. That is, my wife (Faith) will be with my oldest daughter on an 8th-grade trip to Washington D.C. I'll be Mr. Mom at home with the other three. Should be fun.
  • I just bought tickets for the Linkin Park  concert on September 1st in Chicago. I hate to admit it...but this is my first real concert. Unless you count New Song, Steven Curtis Chapman or Jump Five. Like I said, my first real concert.
  • I'm changing phones. Debating between the Motorola Q and the Helio Ocean. Any advice?
  • It's official -- I'm building a 150' zipline in the backyard. All the materials are in...hope to start this weekend.
  • Mark Beeson has discovered text messaging. They are in Florida right now with all their kids and spouses. I love his daily updates. Today's included the word "vomit."
  • Both of my favorite shows conclude this week. 24 ended on Monday with a bang (literally). Not their finest season, but still love the show.
  • Lost ends tonight with a two-hour season finale. Still one of the most suspenseful shows on TV. Some people bailed earlier in the season. Get online and finish the season, you won't be disappointed.
  • I don't think she fully feels it, but I really love my sister. She is a great mom, wife, teacher, pastors' wife and friend. And a bonus - she has a great husband.
  • I'm leaving my 30's soon. It's not bothering me yet. I did go through an age crisis in my mid-30's, so perhaps I'm good for another few years.
  • I'm taking my 12-year old (Megan) with me to the Willow Arts conference. She loves worship music and the arts...I think she'll enjoy it.
  • I just started a weight-loss competition with a couple of good friends. All of us are going to lose ten pounds in the next five weeks. I'm going to win.
  • Looking forward to the Buzz Conference next month.

Scary, huh.

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