Breakout Session with Wes Dupin

Thoughts from Breakout Session with Wes Dupin and Kyle Clausen

  • Kyle is the Executive Pastor. He is part-time (about 20 hours a week) and is not paid.
  • Wes wasn't specific, but said they are dealing with tension in their staff. He said, "About half of our staff are emergent and about half are boomers. That's given us some tense, but good conversations."
  • They started a family service about 9 months ago, and Wes says it is one of the best things they've ever done. It is for entire families and is called Splash.
  • The victim mindset will kill any team or any department. Any team that focuses on what they don't have will sink themselves. We don't have enough volunteers, or enough money, or enough equipment, or enough support, or enough staff, or enough platform time for promotion, etc. This type of attitude needs to be tackled. It is a leaders' responsibility to raise a team to the level of solutions and vision--not focusing on the lack of resources.
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